In That Corner There

In that corner there

I lay my life

to keep it safe

from all this strife.


A caregiver you wish me to be?

Why there must be someone else.

It is certain that I am not qualified

to do what you request.


I will do this thing you ask of me

and be his legs and hands.

A caregiver I am meant to be

and all that it demands.


Caregiving is a labor of love

Performed for those we truly adore

I will do everything I can to help him

This I will do and so much more.


Sometimes I glimpse my life in that corner

I remember how much fun it used to be

Before my body felt so tired

And life was more carefree.


One day I will regain my life

And put down this caregiver role.

I will retrieve my life from that corner there

And thus reclaim my  soul.




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