Radio Therapy

There are different kinds of therapies available to caregivers. There is a lot of value in pet therapy which helps lower the blood pressure for both patients and caregivers.  Click here for more information about pet therapy.  One of my personal favorites is the occasional massage therapy to allow complete relaxation of body and soul. Another great therapy would be radio therapy.

Wait, What? No, this has nothing to do with x-rays or some expensive hospital procedure. Radio therapy is the most cost effective therapy because it is easily accessible. My guess is that you have even already received this therapy without even realizing the great benefits for you as a caregiver.

So how does radio therapy work? There are really just two components needed. The first is that you should be alone for this to be the most effective. The second component involves a radio, cell phone, mp3 player, or any device that plays music. Not just any music, but the genre or style that is most meaningful to you. In my case, that would be classic Rock and Roll. Whatever style makes you happy or speaks to you.

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Without question, the most beneficial results from radio therapy will occur when you are alone in your car with the radio or player utilizing your preferred style of music. When operating the vehicle, please ensure that the safety belt is engaged. When you are comfortable and ready, turn up the volume to a level that is high enough to drown out whatever music may come out of your mouth, but low enough to not violate any local noise ordinance laws. Be realistic when you assess your musical ability and always be courteous when sharing your musical ability with others.

All that being said, when you are alone in a car, the health benefit comes when finding your own voice and being free to connect with the music or your favorite singer.  You may need to adjust the volume to an appropriate level for your own comfort. Your own musical ability (or lack thereof) should not hinder you from singing at the top of your lungs for the full benefit.

Under the right circumstances, you will immediately feel health benefits from radio therapy. Feel your stress level decrease with an increased level of personal happiness. You may have special memories or feelings that are associated with specific songs. If possible, utilize these special songs for maximum happiness. Remember this therapy is individual to you and your style of music. Imagine the satisfaction of rolling down the windows, feeling the sun on you, and driving (in a safe manner, of course), while singing or jamming to a favorite song.

Radio therapy is a lesser known therapy, but certainly an equally important therapy. When you need a stress relief for whatever reason, consider using your car and music for a happy, uplifting, and therapeutic experience.


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