Cheering for You!

My husband spent a few years working as a counselor at a summer youth camp when he was a young adult.  He loved the beautiful mountain scenery at the camp.  It was a Christian camp for youth and children.  Each week brought a new group of young people eager to have fun.  To this day, he still looks back on that time with a big smile.  It was a time in his life when he was young, strong, and happy.  He loved that camp, so you can understand why this was a special time and place in his life.

During the week long camp,  each counselor and about 10 campers lived in a cabin and enjoyed many activities together.  It was a busy week filled with learning new skills and building relationships with God and each other.

What started out as a phrase to encourage the counselors prior to the start of camp became popular with counselors and campers alike throughout the summer.


This became a cheer.  It was a way to reinforce positive feelings and to build confidence.  You are worthy of love and you are capable of doing anything.  You are also beautiful and nothing can stop you.  It was a term of endearment and a real teaching moment with the campers.

Because my husband knows me well, he knows when I’m really tired.  He knows when I need a cheer.  On certain occasions, he will look at me and say, “You are lovable and capable”.  It’s his way of remembering fond memories at camp and telling me that he appreciates what I do for him.  For us, it has become an expression of love.  It makes us stronger together and reinforces our commitment as a spousal caregiving team.

We all need a cheer as we march into whatever life decides to throw at us.  We all need a reminder that our lives are worthy and purposeful.  We are also strong and able to accomplish most anything.  And of course, we are glorious and beautiful images created by our God.

I have found this phrase to be quite valuable in my life when I need to hear it.  When life gives you a big challenge, start a cheering section for yourself.  Be strong and remember:


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