Seeing the Unseen

I am a movie credit reader.  When the movie is over, I remain seated in the theatre.  Most people will jump up and exit out the door as soon as the credits start to roll.  Some years ago as a possible way to entice people to stay, the movie producers included bloopers or additional footage at the conclusion of the credits.  I was afraid to leave the theatre too early for fear of missing out, so I learned to sit through all the credits in case there was more to come.  Even without the additional footage, I have continued to remain in the theatre for the credits to show my respect for the amount of work required to produce the movie.

The box office stars have their names listed at the beginning of the movie, but for the thousand unseen people that do their work behind the camera, this is their chance to be recognized for a great film.

I am old enough to remember a time when people would buy vinyl albums for a record player.  The inside of the album would include the lyrics, pictures, and song credits.  It was almost like Christmas to open the album and see what treasures were inside.  Again, it was a way to respect the unseen people that worked on a great album.

I am also one of those people that reads the pages of a book prior to Chapter One.  Some readers may skip over those pages and go immediately to the first page of Chapter One.  There is much to be learned about the author in the Acknowledgement pages.  For me, the author wrote these pages for a reason and I should honor that.

As a spousal caregiver, my priority is playing that supportive role for my husband.  I am happy in that unseen role because I know there is no one else who can perform that role.  I need only his love and acknowledgement to continue doing what I do.

There are many people working “behind the camera” in the movie of your life.  People are doing great things for you every day that maybe you don’t see.  I encourage you to look around for the heroes in your midst.  Take the opportunity to acknowledge the unseen people that lend so much to the quality of your life.

All of us working together are a true all-star cast!

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