Her Highness

Exquisite:  adjective:  extremely beautiful and, typically, delicate.  Synonyms: beautiful, lovely, elegant, fine

It was a spring day about 12 years ago.  I sat on the front porch with a friend enjoying the warmth of the day.  As we talked, she remarked to me, “What is that in the yard?”  I looked in the direction she was pointing.  “I don’t know”, I replied.  Whatever it was, it just kept coming towards us.  It did not hesitate in the slightest.  As it got to the porch steps, we realized it was a tiny black kitten.  Where is the mama?  Where did she come from?

Dogs have owners.  Cats have staff.

I had just become supporting staff for a kitten.  She had marched up the yard, planted herself at my doorstep, and demanded that I bring in the luggage.

How could I not love this tiny, adorable, and beautiful black ball of fluffy fur?  I scooped her up, took her in the house, and have spoiled her for the past 12 years.

That is how “Mollie” found her way into our home and our hearts.

Like most cats, she has a totally insatiable appetite.  The bowl is never full enough and she will cry to make sure you know it.  My husband has insisted that it’s my fault.  He’s mostly right.  When Mollie marched up the yard to meet us, all I wanted to do was feed this poor baby.  She had me wrapped around her little paw from Day One.  My guilt for this little soul created her appetite.  Yes, it really is my fault.  I had unknowingly created a monster that had to be fed the moment she cried.  So, 12 years later, we have a somewhat obese cat.  Yes, Mollie is a big fat cat.

There is another unique and endearing part of Mollie.  She has an extremely loud purr.  Her meow is very quiet, but that big purr engine makes her special.  She is a V8 without the mufflers.  Sometimes it’s hard to sleep when the decibels get cranked up before bedtime.


Mollie has taken possession of the DOG bed.  It seems to fit her better.

When Mollie enters a room, her stomach swings from side to side.  She walks as if slightly intoxicated as her highness struts in expecting us to curtsy.  And when she see us, the noise level on the jet engine breaks the sound barrier.

As you can imagine, there is very little about Mollie that is delicate.  She is, however, a beautiful fat cat with a big heart for those who feed her.  We think she is quite exquisite just the way she is.

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10 thoughts on “Her Highness

  1. Made me smile and had me think of my friends’ kitties, some as … um … demanding … as Her Highness. I’ve come to the conclusion that reincarnation as a house-cat is a highly desirable level of enlightenment, which may explain the expectation of wait-staff and immediate gratification — to these kitties, we lowly humans are still trainees low on the Karma totem pole … 🙂


    1. HA!! Very true! My father used to say that he wanted to come back as one of my step-mother’s house cats. She spoiled those cats! They lived much higher on the Karma totem pole than he did! 🙂


      1. Well, let’s see: Sleep all day, play all night; get your meals served and your poop (and hairballs) cleared out for you; have humans at your beck and call to pet you; TVs to stand in front and block everyone’s view; birds to stare at; ‘gifts’ of dead things to bestow. Sounds like the life! 😉

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  2. It was so lovely to read about Mollie. We have just lost our much loved black cat Lenny. He was always hungry, always full of love and filled our lives with joy. The house isn’t the same without him. I have a poetry blog here on WordPress in case you have time to look. There are some poems about our cat Lenny on there. Have a good day, Sam 🙂


    1. Hi Sam! I’m so sorry to hear about Lenny and I understand your pain. Thanks for reading my post. I will definitely read about Lenny. Mollie is asleep right now, but she would send you her regards if she could. 🙂 Have a good day! Margaret


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