Caregiving and Crayons

This year, I received an early Christmas gift that I didn’t quite know what to do with at the time.  The gift was an “Adult Coloring Book” with a brand new box of crayons.  Suddenly, I felt too young to even open this book.  Should I be getting a parental permission slip to use my “Adult” coloring book?  And exactly what will we be coloring in our “Adult Coloring Book”?  I was relieved to discover that it’s now considered therapeutic for adults to color.  Okay, I thought.  Let’s try this.

I turn my eyes to the box of 64 crayons.  I haven’t owned that many crayons since first grade.  How beautiful those crayons are.  I had forgotten how many colors there are in the box and that funky crayon aroma.  I took some out to read the color names.  In the flash of a moment, my first grade brain remembered that Aqua Marine was my favorite, favorite color.

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The pages of the coloring book are filled with flowers, plants, and animals outlined in black lines with lots of empty, boring white spaces.  There’s something obviously lacking.  These pages are in dire need of something very important that only I can provide.

Each crayon that I pulled out of the box had an aesthetic purpose.  It was my choice to decide which color would go where and no one would critique my work.  Sometimes the color choice was easy.  Sometimes it required more deliberate thought.  Regardless, this was my choice to make.

I’m sure there was a time in first grade when I would sip milk before heading to a small table for coloring time.  Now, I sip hot coffee before heading to the sofa for coloring time.  It’s a time for me.  No one is allowed to bother me.  As I pick up a crayon, my blood pressure goes down and some relaxing chemicals are released in my brain.  What a beautiful feeling.  Yes, I’m really liking this coloring therapy.

Caregiving can be bland and boring.  Many things are beyond our control and leave us with few choices.  Open a box of crayons and choose the shade of color that brings you happiness.  Allow your soul to be painted with that shade of joy.  Find Peace inside and you will color your world a happy hue.

Via Daily Prompt:  aesthetic

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