Exhausted Essential Equipment

The Daily Prompt word for today is “Overworked”.  Because I usually write from the viewpoint and experience of a caregiver, this chosen word for today caught me off guard.

I’d like to see a caregiver that’s NOT overworked.  It’s a natural part of our circumstances, what we do, and who we are as caregivers.  We are always awesome and we are always overworked.  When I saw this word for today, it was an easy slam-dunk.  So I am asking you to look beyond the obvious and consider this word with a slightly different angle.

Think of the “overworked” care-equipment that you use every day.  This includes the furniture, the tools, and the durable medical equipment that make your life easier.  There are 4 pieces of care-equipment that we simply could not do without.

  1.  Our wheelchair van has made life so much easier for all of us.  We no longer worry about going places safely and conveniently.
  2. My hubby’s power chair enables him to move independently inside and outside of the house.
  3. We also have a lift chair recliner that he uses to stand him up so he can transfer to the power chair.  
  4. The other lift is on the toilet that safely lifts him up and down on the seat.

We heavily depend on these pieces of equipment every day as essential members of our caregiving team.  They make our lives as caregivers better.  They make the lives of our loved ones better.  We push them to the edge of their capabilities and product design until they drop or give out.  We wonder how we ever got along without them.  We must do the regular maintenance to help them last as long as possible and hope for the best.

Consider the equipment that you rely on every day.  Think about how the loss of these pieces (even temporarily) would affect your ability and sanity to be an awesome caregiver.  It doesn’t take much to upset the fragile balance in our world.  The slightest inconvenience is enough to throw us over the edge.  It’s absolutely imperative that we take good care of the equipment.  We are a team of people and machines working together for the benefit of our loved ones.  These pieces of care-equipment are indeed overworked.  Even if you could hear them speak, they would not ask for time off, they would just keep going and going and going.  Do not neglect the health of these team members.  They are far too valuable.  This caregiving family is very thankful for their hard work and dedication to us.

Via Daily Prompt:  Overworked

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