An Image of Love

Too much sun exposure is harmful.  A gallon of sunscreen may help, but you must decide how much is too much.   We, as caregivers, must decide if the caregiving exposure is becoming too much and when to get assistance.

Photography is the study of the fundamental particles of light called photons.  As an amateur photographer, I have learned that photography is the science of using light to create an image.  Ask any photographer about the challenges of creating a good exposure that is not over-exposed or under-exposed.

How are we identifying the ways to improve the beautiful images that we are?  Are we maintaining the balance in our lives to give us a proper exposure?  Only you can answer these questions.  It’s important to assess how you and your loved one is managing the caregiving life.

It’s easy to feel secluded in our own little worlds and not realize how cut-off from the real world we have become.  An over-exposed caregiver needs to take a break from the responsibilities.  An under-exposed loved one needs to find more involvement in life activities.

Be mindful of the image you are capturing with your loved one.  Maybe you or your loved one needs more light on the exposure.  Perhaps you or your loved one needs a new hobby or a new outlet.  Consider if you should seek help with the caregiving responsibilities.

Find the balance in your caregiving life and you will see the beautiful particles of light in your caregiving world.  Let the particle of light shine on you and your loved one.  A well balanced exposure will always create a beautiful image.

Via Daily Prompt:  Exposure

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