Chimes and Time

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There are many things that my husband cannot control.  He is disabled and his mobility is limited.  The concept of time, or at least keeping up with the current time, is one thing that he can control.  For that reason, it’s important that I indulge him and be as understanding as possible.  That being said, you should know my husband has a relationship with a clock.

He might prefer me to move out so he can have the clock to himself.  It’s not a small clock.  It’s a grandfather clock that stands about 6 feet tall.  His uncle made the clock from a kit and our family now has it.

The clock has a Westminster chime that announces each quarter hour and then strikes once for each hour at the top of the hour.  It’s a lovely sound, if you like clocks.  I don’t feel the need to be reminded every 15 minutes, so I don’t share my husband’s love for the clock.  But I understand his attachment to it’s history, so I endure it.

A few months ago, the clock began having mechanical issues.  It’s kept time very well for nearly two decades.  I jokingly asked the repairman if there was an option to turn off the chimes.  My husband nearly threatened to divorce me right then. “Why would we possibly want to silence such a beautiful chime?”

Imagine my delight when the repairman called to inform us that there was such a mechanism that would temporarily disarm the striking feature of the clock. I was able to convince my husband that we should have it installed on the clock just for the sake of convenience.  Thankfully, he bought my theory of convenience and agreed to it.  A slider was installed on the clock that could be pushed up or down to engage or disengage the striking feature.

At long last, the clock and I had come to an understanding.  At bedtime,we could turn the chime off and not have to listen to it all night. Despite having a digital clock six inches from his face that constantly blinds him with the time, my husband seemed somehow lost not being able to hear the supposedly angelic chime coming from the clock. I, on the other hand, relished the quiet time knowing the clock would not disrupt my sleep.

Most mornings, my husband will gently remind me that the clock needs to be engaged again in order for us to hear it.  “Well, of course, my dear.  I just forgot.  A simple oversight, on my part”.  I can play stupid all I want, but he knows better.  Every morning, I delay it for as long as possible and he knows it.

It’s become something of an amusing game between us now.  Every night before bed, when I’m locking everything and turning everything off for the night, I disengage the chime as part of my nightly routine.  Every morning, I conveniently forget to re-engage it until he reminds me.  I play stupid and we both laugh.

Having the chime disarm feature has made life easier.  My hubby allows me to disengage it every night and I’m allowing him to keep his clock.  He feels like he is in control and it makes him happy to hear his precious chimes.

I’m afraid my husband would suspect me if the angelic clock ever disappeared in the middle of the night.  And, he’d be right to suspect me.  But a 6 foot grandfather clock with an annoying chime just wouldn’t disappear in the middle of the night, or would it?

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