My Senior Discount

One day a week, my local grocery store offers a ten percent savings for senior citizens.  If you are over a certain age, it’s a very popular day to get a grocery discount.

I have been a loyal customer of this grocery store for almost 20 years.  I’ve always tried to avoid “Senior Day” because it’s very crowded.  Senior Day is less of a shopping trip and more of a social gathering.  Most aisles are full of older folks moving slowly.  You simply can’t be in a hurry.

A few years ago, I happened to be there on Senior Day.  I noticed on the receipt that the cashier had acknowledged me as a “Senior” which got me the discount.  While I appreciated the discount, the notion that someone could pronounce judgement on me as a “Senior” without my consent, was disheartening.  When did that happen?  Are the years really showing on my face?  I wanted a second opinion.  Recently, a young bag boy wanted to “help me to my car”.  It was sweet of him to offer, but ouch!

As the years start to fly by, I’m learning to enjoy my maturity.  I don’t care so much about what people think and I’ve learned to like myself more.  I will go into old age kicking and screaming, but I will be thankful for the privilege of getting older.  Many people don’t get that privilege and I will be grateful for each new year that I am on this planet.

I now do most of my grocery shopping on “Senior Day”.  I enjoy the happy old people at my store.  They are a grateful bunch that seem to celebrate each new day.  I appreciate their outlook and there is much we can learn about how to enjoy life more.  We all must wait in the checkout lane of life.  I am encouraging you to relax as you wait, appreciate everything you have, and be sure to ask for your well deserved discount.

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