Drive-Thru Happiness

Every Friday night, my husband and I go out for dinner.  Because of his disability, we are not able to actually go inside a restaurant.  Instead, our Friday night tradition is to go visit the Burger King drive-thru window.  It’s one of the few times each week that my husband leaves the house.  It’s a chance to get out for a welcome change of scenery.  

I believe the dog may enjoy the excursion as much as we do.  Our four year old dog has grown accustomed to the sentence, “Let’s go to the Burger King!”  He certainly feels our energy and seems to have a very clear understanding of exactly where we are going.  He runs around the house and jumps at the door with great anticipation.

It takes a few minutes to get my hubby, his power chair, and the dog loaded and secured inside our van.  Everyone is eager to start the two mile trip to our destination.

Our caregiving family doesn’t get out much so we treasure our social outings.  From the moment we enter the Burger King parking lot to the moment we exit the lot, it is a real sensory experience for all of us.

Our favorite voice behind the drive-thru speaker is a delightful young woman who is a full time college student working weekends when she comes home.  We can instantly recognize each other’s voices.  After placing the order with her, we drive around the building to pay at the first window.  As you round the corner, you are greeted by the most wonderful smell of hamburgers cooking on the grill.  By the time we reach the second window to get the food, the aroma is a wonderful and overwhelming experience.  Even the dog is standing on his back feet to peer in the window to see the grill.

We exit the parking lot and return home with our bags of delicious hamburgers, fries, and desserts.  It doesn’t take much to make our caregiving family happy.  We only need the love of each other, and, of course, our weekly trip to the Burger King.

Via Daily Prompt:  Overwhelming


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