Beautiful Souls

You do not have a soul.
You are a soul.
You have a body.

My disabled husband’s lift chair recliner died last week. It’s the only comfortable chair he can relax in.  We needed another one very quickly. The medical store informed us the chair would be delivered in about 5 days. I could not allow my hubby to be uncomfortable that long without a recliner. That’s just too long.

After making some phone calls and putting the word out that we needed help, we had offers from people to pick up the chair at the store and bring it home for us. It was a testament to how people are willing and glad to help, if only given the opportunity. Within a few hours, the chair was in our house and my hubby sound asleep in his new comfortable chair. Many hours later, people were still asking how they could help us.

The beautiful people that had responded to our plea were beautiful souls sent directly from God. They radiated a glittering light from behind their eyes and behind their smiles. It made my soul happy.

Do you need more glitter in your life? Be prepared to get the opportunity to shine. Do you need to shine more? Be prepared to be a child of God.

I am a soul. You are a soul. We are a congregational group of beautiful souls learning how to shine in the lives of others.

Via Daily Prompt:  Glitter

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