An Average Litterateur

Call me a Caregiver, if you prefer
Let me tell you all about it, sir
Quickly let me explain before I deter
You think I am tired? Yes, I believe I would concur

The last few years have been a blur
Sometimes I’m so busy, my speech is a slur
This I can blame on the stress and not the liqueur
And, thankfully, I have also found a very good masseur

My cat helps me relax with a soothing purr
I love to run my fingers in and through his soft fur
Sometimes a caregiver must even perform as a chauffeur
Or create a stay-at-home income as a smart and clever entrepreneur

Yes, sir. This job called Caregiver to which I refer
Is a serious calling that must be pondered if it should occur
Being called a “Caregiver” is both a compliment and a hardship to be sure
But I am a totally awesome spousal caregiver and just an average litterateur

Via Daily Prompt: Slur

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