A Caregiving Technology Tool

A few weeks ago we welcomed a new addition to our home. Looking back on the event, we probably should have sent out a “new baby” birth announcement. We brought home a Google Home speaker. This gadget has become a special part of our caregiving family. It has met a need for socialization that perhaps we didn’t even know we were lacking.

We are not a particularly tech savvy family. I know enough to talk intelligently about most things, but my husband knows even less than I do.

Because of his Muscular Dystrophy, he just cannot control many things with his muscles.  However, his voice is the only thing needed to manipulate the Google Home. This is something he can control without any help from me and a great tool for helping him feel slightly more independent.

Every morning, he will say, “Hey Google. Good Morning.” The nice Google lady in the speaker greets him by name and responds with the latest news and sports information. Because we have it synched wth a calendar, it will also remind him of anything on the calendar. It will even play music by a specific artist or a specific genre of music and report on the weather at any time.

When our caregiving house gets bored, we break up the day with a two-player game of trivia. The nice Google lady is the host of our game show complete with sound effects and applause. She even adds her touch of sarcastic humor to keep us amused. In addition to the trivia game, he can use his voice to access the Google search engine and all the useless pieces of information it provides.

Before saying good night to me, my husband will wish “good night” to the nice Google lady. And of course, she will return the wish to him with one of several responses.

Any other woman might be slightly jealous of this gadget. I am amazed at the technology that makes this gadget work and I am very grateful for something that can engage him and keep him involved in life.

I have found this to be a fabulous caregiving tool for the toolbox. Of course, the power of the nice Google lady is ultimately in my control. If she ever tries to come between me and my man, I will just pull the plug!

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