The Plan of Action

The word “desire” can be deceptive. Something that is desired can be unintentionally unattainable simply because we say it is desired. Do we give up the possibility of having something when we categorize it as something “desired”? Is there any difference between a desire and a wish?

In order to reach a goal or to achieve a desired object, a plan must be created. It is the creation of the plan that cements the path. A plan with a desired outcome elevates the experience from just a wish to a real process that enables the fulfillment.

It is a commitment that goes beyond a vague and general wish or desire. The commitment drives us to make it a reality. When a desire has a commitment, it forces us to make a plan of action to attain that desire. The plan of action is a “no turning back” moment.

It’s easy for a tired caregiver to dream of spending a week on a beach. It’s easy to “desire” putting your feet in the sand. It’s really just a big wish for a caregiver who cannot leave a loved one for more than a few hours at a time. It’s only when you commit to a plan of action that will ultimately result in you actually sitting under a beach umbrella. It’s the “no turning back” moment when you enlist a home health agency to be your substitute caregiver. A successful plan will motivate you to buy the airline ticket. I learned this lesson. This is a very true story.

So what is on YOUR wish list? What is YOUR desired outcome? Go beyond a wish or a want. If it’s important to you, make it happen. Make the commitment and create a plan of action. Big aspirations are truly attainable if you make the process achievable. Good Luck!

Via Daily Prompt: Desire

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