Swarms of Support

It’s a perfect Spring day. Family and children are gathered around a picnic table full of fabulous food. You have a plate full of food and you notice an ant on the other side of the table. You go on without much thought. Then you notice another ant closer to your side of the table. Again, you go on. Later, another ant shows up next to your plate with another one crawling up your drink cup. Before long, your sweet picnic has turned into a Hitchcock movie about a swarming army of ants.

Bees are much like ants.  Both animals rely on “workers” to carry out tasks that benefit the entire colony. They work tirelessly to preserve the colony and protect the “Queen”. As individuals, they can only do so much. But as a colony, they can destroy a family picnic or produce gallons of honey. We can learn a lot from that collective power.

There is much symbolism in the great beauty of swarming butterflies. They have come to represent transformation. The life of a butterfly has stages of transformation. When our lives change, we often have a sense of renewal and transformation as well. It is a new opportunity to reach our full potential.

Consider the people in your life facing illness or hardship. This is an opportunity for you to be a real caregiver. Do you know someone who needs a swarm of reinforcement? Do you know someone who needs a swarm of encouragement? Like a butterfly, experience the transformation of yourself. You may be one individual person, but you have enormous collective power as part of a swarm.

Find ways to get involved with individual or community support groups. Be an active caregiver. Create swarms of support for the people around you, and YOU will be the one transformed.

Via Daily Prompt: Swarm

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