Salmon by the Sea

The tiny girl sits at a tiny table.
The teacher calls it “Creative Time”.

The white sheet of paper as big as she.
The wall clock keeps her time at the table.

She reaches for the big box of 64 crayons.
She studies the colorful array.

She wants to draw a house by the sea.
She chooses the desired colors very carefully.

A color called “melon” will paint the house.
No, a color called “salmon” does give a slight nuance.

She finishes the house a beautiful shade of salmon.
She checks the clock to see the remaining time.

She quickly adds an ocean of “sea green”.
She fills the white sheet with a bright “sky blue”.

The teacher compliments her lovely painting.
The clock announces it’s time to go.

The white sheet becomes a classroom masterpiece.
The tiny girl leaves the tiny table.

Via Daily Prompt:  Nuance

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