Sleep Wins

A good day for soup and sandwich lunch at home after church. We are fat and happy as we sit and watch college basketball. Three people, two cats, and one dog. The game keeps going, but one by one, the six of us are fading. Each time I look up from the computer, another one has lost an easy battle to the power of sleep. I am the last one awake. Ever noticed how hard it is to concentrate on anything when everyone else around you is asleep? The power of sleep is calling you to a battle that you won’t win either.

The sound of the basketball game gets lower and lower. I put down the iPad and pull the handle to release the recliner. Up go my feet and down go my eyelids. The sound of squeaking tennis shoes, the applause, and the announcers turns into a dull background noise. The body relaxes as if instructed by a self-directed meditation. My mind goes into a weightless orbit where there is no orientation. From the back of my eyelids, spots of light and areas of darkness seem to dance in the weightless orbit. The movements draw me deeper into sleep. A wave of blurriness goes by, and then it quickly returns, like a beautiful murmuration of birds in migration.

That’s the exact moment sleep wins.

Via Daily Prompt:  Murmuration

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