Here at Home

Caregivers miss out on a lot of things. It’s hard to travel and we simply can’t go places that many people take for granted. I hate to miss out on fun travel adventures.  Ultimately, however, the love for my husband is much, much stronger than any concerns I have about missing out on anything. I know what’s really important and I know what really needs to be done right now.

London is on my bucket list. One day I will go there. I am slightly obsessed with all things British Royalty. It started a long time ago when I was on vacation with my parents in Canada on the day of Charles and Dianna’s wedding. I was awake in the middle of the night to watch the wedding on the TV. It was magical and I have been obsessed ever since.

My brother and sister-in-law are leaving for London today to visit her son who is studying there. My sister-in-law wishes I could fit in her suitcase. I do, too. They are promising to send lots of pictures. I’m planning to immerse myself in those images. I want to feel myself standing outside Buckingham Palace. I want to submerge myself in the culture, hear the beautiful English accent, see the smiling faces, and visit the historical places.

One day, I will get to London. Today, I’ve got smiling faces that are depending on me right here at home. I’m extremely obsessed with them and they need me a whole lot more than the Royal family ever will.  🙂

Via Daily Prompt: Immerse

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