Take A Moment

Yesterday, the three of us left a doctor’s office to go home. We stopped at our local big retail drug store to get a manual blood pressure cuff / stethoscope so I can learn how to use it. I left my hubby and his dad in the car as I ran into the store. I never do this unless I can get in and get out quickly and back to them in the van. I was feeling that motherly instinct thing to not leave the men alone too long. I don’t like to keep them waiting on me.

I walked quickly straight to the blood pressure supplies and grabbed the box. On the way out, I decide to grab a quart of milk. So I’m clutching the BP box and the milk as I walk even faster towards the cashier. I round the aisle to the cashier and stop dead in my tracks. There’s an older gentleman with a buggy full of cleaning supplies and an expanding folder of coupons headed to the cashier. It’s every caregiver’s nightmare. I’ve got two men in the van that want to get home and I hate to make them wait.

The cashier made eye contact with me. She asked him to step aside while he organized his thousand coupons so she could help me. I thanked her several times and grabbed a Hershey bar to add to the transaction. I needed a moment to bite into that chocolate bar before going to the car. I needed a moment of my own precious time to reward myself for being the awesome caregiver that I am. This is not selfish. This is self-preservation, a tiny act of self-care, and a reminder that I need to slow down, too.

I know you are busy today and I know that you are an awesome caregiver, too.   Please take a moment for YOU.  Your self-care prescription may look different from mine.   My prescription will always include a Hershey bar.  🙂

Via Daily Prompt:  Instinct

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