Cat Food Cuisine

I’d like to introduce you to our 12 pound bundle of joy named Theo who is our chihuahua pug.  That’s Theo with his head in the cabinet.  His sister Mollie is the black cat pictured with him.


Once Theo figured out that we keep Mollie’s food in the bathroom cabinet, he keeps finding a way to get to it. Theo got a sample of the fine cuisine inside Mollie’s food bag, and now he seems to believe it’s his food, too. Even though the label on the bag clearly says, “Cat Food”, Theo seems to believe that it’s all for him, anyway. For fear of being chased, poor Mollie can only watch.  Don’t worry about Mollie too much.  She hasn’t missed any meals and is in denial about her weight issues.


I have come to realize that when Theo is nowhere to be found, it’s quite certain that he is in the bathroom with his head in the “cookie jar” munching on a snack of cat food. He will put his head inside the bag and come out with a mouth full.

When he started pulling the empty bag out from the cabinet and playing with it on the bathroom floor, he crossed a line. When I took these pictures this morning, Theo didn’t know that he was playing with the cat food bag for the last time. I decided to let him enjoy the activity one last time before I attach the “child proof” lock on the cabinet door.  He had so much fun dragging that bag around the floor.


He can no longer get his head in the “cookie jar”. The cabinet door now has a special “Theo-proof” lock on it. Poor Theo. Life will never be the same. How will he ever adjust to such horrid living conditions?

He wants you to think he’s very deprived when he looks at you with those big sad eyes. IMG_0084 You’re probably thinking that this dog is the most spoiled dog on Earth. And you are probably right, but isn’t he adorable?   🙂


Via Daily Prompt:  Label



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