Cold Elixir

As a woman of a certain age, I seem to be enduring days of “personal summers”. The air conditioner is my very dearest friend, but sadly, my husband and father-in-law are not happy unless the house is warm. The warmer the better and I’m a tolerant caregiver.  🙂

The most magical thing was delivered this afternoon by a small wizard in a UPS uniform. I ordered it to help me endure the endless summer inside my house.

I pulled it out of the box and removed the plastic wrap. I added the batteries to the remote and plugged in the new gift. I placed it on the floor in front of me and nestled in my favorite spot on the sofa. As I pushed the power button on the remote, there was a magnificent and cool breeze that flowed towards me. I sat there absorbing the glorious wave of coldness.

I’m not searching this world for the fountain of youth. That ship has already sailed. I’m not interested in drinking a mystical concoction to make me beautiful. That ship never left the dock.  I just need things to make my life easier and bring me little bursts of happiness.  And for this old lady fighting an inner battle with hormones, the elixir of life can be as simple as a fan ordered from the internet that blows cold air.

Daily Prompt:  Elixir 

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