Sun Chairs

A dark storage room
Plastic folding chairs are kept
At the beach hotel

When the sun rises
Many chairs are set in place
To face the ocean

Chairs sit quietly
Sensing the warmth of the sun

Then the people come
And unpack their bags of stuff
Setting up a camp

Folks relax at last
Thankful to reserve a chair
Loving good fortune

Watching children run
Playing in the sand and sea
Talk of summers past

The sun starts to set
Chairs are returned to storage
To wait the next day

Inside the dark room
The beach rental chairs will rest
Until tomorrow.

Daily Prompt:  Fortune

Embed from Getty Images

4 thoughts on “Sun Chairs

    1. Thanks! I was really wishing I was there yesterday! It’s easy to write about something that you can so easily visualize. 🙂


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