Happy Hens

Down on the farm, out in the back pasture,
Sits an old chicken coop outhouse, an outlier on the property.

Inside the outdated structure, a rooster begins the day.
He greets each sunrise with outstretched feathers and an outstanding crow.

The outspoken rooster announces each morning from his outcrop.
The hens are always entertained by his outgoing morning personality.

The rooster’s glorious feather outfit nearly outshines the sun.
As the hens laugh and cluck at this outrageous alarm clock.

When the rooster finishes his outlandish performance
The hens happily depart outside to work on a positive egg outcome.

The rooster takes his position for the day near his outpost
Guarding his happy outdoor hens and proud of his own sunny outlook.

Daily Prompt:  Outlier

Embed from Getty Images

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