Time Out

I’m writing this to update those of you who follow my blog.  I am not posting because my husband is very ill.  My heart is simply not interested in being creative right now so I feel the need to explain why my blog will be quiet for a while.   Thanks for following my blog and I hope to write again soon.




Strong Roots

Branches grow upward
Under the soil they grow deep
Roots of a large tree

Stones become boulders
Outcrops appear far and wide
Roots of a mountain

Frozen water blocks
Far below the cold surface
Roots of an iceberg

Loved ones embracing
History repeats itself
Roots of tradition

People old and young
See themselves in each other
Roots of family

Daily Prompt:  Roots

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Hospital Room Station

The hospital room
Is very rarely quiet
People pass quickly

Like a train station
On a busy commute line
Zip in and zip out

Nurse and therapist
One after another one
Stop at our station

They stay a minute
Take vitals, check oxygen
And off to next room

We close the hall door
And draw the big curtain closed
Trying to find Peace

Soon another train
With more people in white coats
Approaches our stop

Grateful for their time
Thankful for the job they do
Quiet time heals, too

Daily Prompt:  Zip

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Pressure Cuff

Seated quietly
Anxious to know the result
Patient rolls up sleeve

The sound of Velcro
Wrapped around arm and fit snug
Stethoscope in place

The valve closed tightly
Air fills the cuff with each pump
Arm pressure tightens

See needle climbing
Jumping higher and higher
Until the right point

The valve is released
The air begins to escape
The needle descends

The heartbeat is heard
A number is recorded
The patient breathes deep

Needle keeps dropping
As the heartbeat fades away
Now a new number

Remove stethoscope
Loosen cuff with Velcro sound
Patient hears good news

Daily Prompt:  Climbing

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Push Button

The lighted button
Inside the elevator
Highlights a request

Step in and push it
The doors should close more quickly
If in a hurry

Sometimes they close quick
Other times there’s no difference
Depends on the “lift”

Frustrated people
Punch it over and over
Fret and unravel

We will not be late
We think we are in control
Despite what we know

Elevator doors
Will choose if to close quickly
Regardless of us

Daily Prompt:  Unravel

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Storm Helmet

Thunder booms above
Glued to TV coverage
Tornado warning

Went to find cover
Hid inside inner bathroom
Kitchen pot on head

Storm has passed by now
Preparation was prudent
Taking pot off head

Daily Prompt:  Prudent

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Day of Rest

Morning chores complete
Turkey sandwich tryptophan
Now sleep comes quickly

What questions the mind
The brain will think on later
Tired feet propped up

Daily Prompt:  Later

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Port Thoughts

I have not yet arranged for the Transport
Maybe I will leave from an Airport or Heliport?
One thing is certain: I definitely will not Abort
For it was judicially decided that I am a Quart Short

Caregiving is a hard and long endurance kind of Sport
A marathon of ups and downs in providing love and Comfort
It is essential the caregiver finds an alternate means of Support

And when necessary a caregiver should be sentenced by the Supreme Court
To a time away for rest and relaxation as prescribed in the Report
A fabulous sentence that has been decreed by the High Court

The time has come to stamp the Passport
The time has come to find the nearest Seaport
The time has come to reserve that all-inclusive beach Resort

It is an overdue trip that the caregiver must not Thwart
It is a wonderful sentence from a very wise Court
Come away with me and let us quickly Deport!

Daily Prompt: Passport

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Sun Chairs

A dark storage room
Plastic folding chairs are kept
At the beach hotel

When the sun rises
Many chairs are set in place
To face the ocean

Chairs sit quietly
Sensing the warmth of the sun

Then the people come
And unpack their bags of stuff
Setting up a camp

Folks relax at last
Thankful to reserve a chair
Loving good fortune

Watching children run
Playing in the sand and sea
Talk of summers past

The sun starts to set
Chairs are returned to storage
To wait the next day

Inside the dark room
The beach rental chairs will rest
Until tomorrow.

Daily Prompt:  Fortune

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