A Caregiving Garage

My neighbor has a beautiful garage.  You didn’t know a garage could be beautiful, did you?  Yes, they can.  When my neighbor pulls into her driveway and the garage door goes up, she drives right inside and the door closes behind her.  The walls inside are a very clean and bright shade of white.  There is a shelf unit against a wall that is neat and organized.  That’s all she has in her garage.  A beautiful white room with a shelf unit and her car.  There’s actually a bright heavenly light that shines out from inside her garage and a heavenly chorus to sing whenever the door goes up.

My neighbor probably shakes with terror whenever my garage door goes up.  As beautiful and clean as her garage is, mine is not.  The previous owner of my house used the garage as a tool shop of some kind.  There were holes in the walls where tools were suspended and the white walls are now a shade of light tan.  Our garage has become a home for everything that doesn’t have a place to live inside the house.  As a result, things have piled up and are very unorganized.  I have never even tried to fit the car inside.

My caregiving life has something in common with my garage.  Things get piled up and stacked in an unorganized fashion until such time that I can handle it.  It’s easy to avoid responsibilities and before long, the white clean color of caregiving has become a light tan.

Housework is hard for caregivers.  It’s another responsibility on the long list of things to get done and finding the motivation is hard.  I hope to work my way out to the garage at some point.  Even if the house is falling apart around you, the caregiver must ensure that the loved one is clean and comfortable.  We all feel better about ourselves when we are clean and tidy.  It’s good for the mind and the soul.

If you are a struggling caregiver, consider asking for outside help with your housework.  Find the motivation to tackle one thing on that long list.  You can’t do everything.  Don’t stress it.  Concentrate on your loved one first and do the housework as you can.  Everything else will follow.  Cleanliness is next to Godliness, and I hope God will understand why the garage is a mess.  The important part is that my hubby is happy, clean, and comfortable.  I am doing the best I can.  You are doing the best you can.   We are awesome caregivers!  

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