About Me


Welcome!  My name is Margaret and writing is my therapy.  I am the full-time caregiver for my disabled husband and his elderly father.  It takes a lot of my time to keep both of these men happy and healthy.   When I’m not helping them, I like to explore my creative writing side as a form of therapy.
churchpic-1Because of what I do all day, I usually write about those caregiving thoughts and adventures.  However, don’t be surprised if I sit down and write about something totally unrelated.

I am currently using the Daily Prompt as a means of inspiring me to post each day.

It is always my intention to write using a positive outlook with a little humor added in.  On rare occasions, I will write about the bad days of caregiving, because every caregiver has a bad day, and I need to be honest about that.

I hope you enjoy my style of writing.  I love to read comments so please leave me a comment on a post you like or follow me for your daily dose of random positive thoughts.

Thank you!!